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The Alabama Rig is for Real!

Posted by admin on November 7, 2011

a-rig-200.jpgStory by Shaye Baker - Paul Elias’ Triton emerged from the fog on the final morning of the FLW Tour Open on Lake Guntersville like a pirate ship in some Hollywood blockbuster. The sound of his massive assortment of swimbaits hitting the water was like the “ploosh” of a cannon ball – the shot heard round the bass fishing world so to speak. As Elias heaved the massive mess of wire and rubber that is now known to us all as The Alabama Rig, the bass fishing world was changed forever. With striking similarities to the standard umbrella rig that is used to troll for all sorts of game fish, one wonders how a castable umbrella rig wasn’t thought of before. In an industry where almost everything has been done, sometimes, redoing it is the best option. > Full Story