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Successful co-anglers become next year’s pros

Posted by admin on October 9, 2012

casey200.jpgFishing as a co-angler is a great way to learn new techniques and to find out how the pros make decisions during a tournament day. Co-anglers come with different skill sets, goals and reasons for fishing from the back deck. While B.A.S.S. has removed them from their top level tournaments, FLW Outdoors embraces co-anglers and provides a unique way for up and coming anglers to rise to the top of the ranks on their circuits. While some may say that fishing as a co-angler comes down to luck and a good draw, there are several co-anglers who have consistently risen to the occasion. Their successes challenge that argument as they have found ways to be versatile and finish near the top no matter what lake they are on or who they are fishing with. >>> read more