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Omega launches the Casey Martin Signature Swim Jig

Posted by admin on July 26, 2012


Omega Custom Tackle, manufacturer of the most technologically=advanced and detail-oriented bass jigs on the market today, announces the introduction of two new products aimed at expanding their lineup of tournament-winning lures. The company has developed the Casey Martin Signature Swim Jig as well as a similarly-designed Swimbait jighead for use by itself or on the back of an umbrella rig.

Martin has won four FLW Outdoors tournaments since September of 2011 – three FLW Tour events as a co-angler and a BFL as a boater. These products have played a substantial role in each victory. Those four wins alone earned him over $70,000, but he estimates that in the two years he’s had the prototypes they’ve padded his pockets to the tune of more than $100,000.
“Casey has dominated while throwing this bait,” said Omega’s Todd Barnes. “And our Elite Series pros Derek Remitz and Jared Lintner have both cashed several checks on the proto-type swim jig.” Martin added that “the Swim Jig is still an underutilized technique, especially for pressured Bass or when fishing out of the back of the boat."
The swim jig resembles the company’s Revelation jig, which has been available for several years, right down to the signature red “Omega Eyes.” Martin's Jig will be available in a 3/8 ounce size and in six colors: three standard patterns, Big Money, Threadfin Shad and Bluegill, along with three signature colors that Martin has been hand-tying to dominate the tournament trails. The swimbait head will feature the same attention to detail and high-quality components, but will lack the weed guard and skirt that come with the swim jig.
Both jigs will feature a premium 30 degree, 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook that is far beefier than those found on traditional swim jigs. “It’s a meat gaff,” Barnes joked. “It looks more like a tuna hook than something you’d use for bass.”
Martin said that’s exactly the point. When fishing for big bass in heavy cover with unforgiving braided line, it’s necessary to have a connection point that won’t flex at all. “The weakest part is usually the fish’s mouth or the hook,” he explained. “You want the biggest hook you can get away with without impeding the action of the jig.”
The Casey Martin Signature Swim Jig and the matching swimbait heads will be released later this summer, just in time for an early fall swim jig bite and the prime months of umbrella rig domination. They’ll be available from major retailers at competitive prices.


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