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Tools of the trade

Posted by casey on November 23, 2011

Since I had a few minutes, I thought I would blog about the tools you need while travelling on the road and the water...Most of these tools were acquired as issues came up....just wish I would've had them beforehand.




One of the most important tools that you're gonna need on the water is a spare prop and all the tools to change it will on the water.


To change out a prop you're gonna need a prop wrench or a deep 1 1/16 inch socket and probably a spare hub kit(including washers, hub and nut)

Although it can be cumbersome to carry these extra parts it can keep you from being dead in the water...been there done it hopefully won't have to again...lol

 A good sharp pair of wire cutters is a must, these can be used to cut just about anything on the boat and truck but one of the most valuable uses is to cut a barb off of a hook that has gone through your skin....haven't experienced this yet but its only a matter of time




A breaker bar is an essential tool on the road, it can be used in conjuction with your socket as a prop wrench but its main purpose to a break free lug nuts on your boat trailer in case of a blow out.  Make sure you have a deep well socket that fits your trailer since they vary by manufacturer.  A good jack will help too is you have a single axle trailer if you run a dual axle you can pull the trailer on the curb to remove the rim


Electrical components such as fuses, wire connectors and electrical tape are a must too, you can repair a lot of wiring issues, don't forget replacement fuses for you electronics too.


 These are just a few tools that you need when travelling....hammers,screwdrivers, saws, socket sets, trolling motor cable and jumper cables are also a must.  One thing I've learned is that you need to be prepared on and off the water when problems come up, at least when you carry all these tools you'll have piece of mind that you can fix them when problems come up.

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