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FLW BFL and Everstart on Lake Guntersville

Posted by casey on May 10, 2012

I finally got a few minutes to sit down and blog about my last couple weeks onGuntersville, it has been good time but physically exhausting  


I started practice the Thursday prior to the Everstart and immediately had a couple good days so I decided to hop into the Choo Choo BFL.  I was blessed with the right bites and was able to win the event taking home over $7000 for the win.

The BFL was one where I caught a number of fish and seemed that every move I made was the right move, I caught a couple good fish early on an Omega Swim Jig around the shallow milfoil and then moved deeper and caught a few good fish on a Strike King 6XD  and a Picasso Schoolie Rig and Strike King Shadalicious swimbaits.  I culled my way up to 24 lbs even for the win and was extremely excited to win my first BFL especially against the stiff competition of the Choo Choo division.

Following the BFL I knew I was going to have to find some new fish for the Everstart because the fish were moving day to day and a few boats saw me catch some in the BFL so I figured that stuff would be toast.  I decided to spend my entire practice fishing deep since the temps were getting into the 90s and the water temps were starting to get into the mid to upper 70s.  I didn’t manage a lot of bites in practice since I spent a lot of time side scanning the numerous ledges but if I did get bit it was a good fish in the 4-8 pound range.  I was able to find 4 or 5 spots that had a good concentration of fish and had a lot of confidence going into the tournament.

Day 1 of the event I had a small limit for 18 or 19 pounds around 11 am and decided to go to my better stuff that I was trying to save for day 2 or 3 and culled up to 25 pounds and then culled one more time close to the boat ramp and ended up weighing in 27 lbs 9 oz and finished day 1 in second place.  I caught all my fish on a Strike King 6XD and the Picasso Schoolie Rig.

Day 2 was more of the same, me and my co angler had 22 lbs off my best spot by 7:30 in the morning and I hit a bunch of different spots looking to upgrade, I upgraded a couple times throwing the Picasso Finesse Schoolie Rig and weighed in 23 lbs even and maintained 2nd place.  I culled a bunch of 4 pounders but just couldn’t get a big bite.

Day 3 was a struggle but managed one big bite and some 4 pounders and weighed in 23 pounds again good for 5th place and just under $8000 in winnings.  My co anglers all finished well catching 16 lbs, 23 lbs and 19 lbs three days in a row.  I enjoyed the last 2 weeks on Guntersville and will spend the rest of the week preparing for the FLW tour event on the Potomac River next week as a co angler.  Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support, emails and phone calls.

Picture of trophy from the Everstart