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Smith lake

Posted by casey on March 21, 2013


Feeling disappointed after Day 2 at Smith Lake

Well, I can say I have been dreading writing the second blog of the year for Lewis Smith Lake, during the three days of official practice the weather was cold and in the upper 40’s. I had just got done fishing the EverStart on my home lake of Guntersville and managed a decent finish but wasn’t what I was looking for.


FLW tour Lake Okeechobee

Posted by casey on February 23, 2013

I’ve been slacking on trying to get my blog updated for the FLW Tour event on Okeechobee. After the EverStart Championship I got sick real bad with flu-like symptoms and put me out of commission for about six weeks this winter. I was blessed to get to spend Christmas around my family and friends up in Michigan and Canada, but physically I was exhausted from being sick. 

I ended up leaving for Okeechobee the 28th of December


Day 4 at the FLW Opener on Lake Okeechobee. Casey Martin weighs in and continues to make his presence felt in the professional ranks. [click to play]