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A Bass Fishing Website for Tournament Fishermen

Posted by admin on December 5, 2010

LStoafer_200.jpgBass Pro Sites was launched with a specific direction - create websites that bass fishermen could use to attract sponsors and take their fishing to the next level. And it all started on the water. Bass Pro Sites Pro Staffer, Larry Stoafer, recounts how the idea went from the water to reality.

Well after almost 3 years of research, contacting, and negotiating with web design companies, here we are; a professional website to assist me in chasing my dreams of becoming a professional angler. Most are probably asking "Stoafer what took you so long?"  Well, if any of you have had aspirations of developing your own website you probably know the answer. Technical competence and cost.

The Jig is UP

Posted by admin on September 23, 2010

hackAttach200.jpgTIPS FROM THE TOUR By David Brown - In the bass world, there are winders and grinders. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Greg Hackney is definitely one of the latter, and his weapon of choice is the jig. His top trio of Strike King models is composed of the Bitsy Bug Jig, the Tournament Grade Football Head Jig and his self-designed Hack Attack Jig. Covering his bases with baits that offer broad diversity, Hackney said he can hit the road confident that he'll be able to adapt to any geography and whatever the weatherman throws his way.