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Fishers of Men National and Everstart on Santee Cooper

Posted by admin on April 25, 2012


As I sit here writing this blog, I was supposed to be at Beaver lake doing the FLW co angler thing but its been a rough month both physically and mentally, I haven’t had many days off until this week and have spent a lot of days on the road but this is the life I signed up for.  I went straight from Lake Seminole at the GA/FL border where I had a below par finish and dropped the boat off and drove straight to Table Rock, MO where I ended up in 9th place on the co angler side.  From Table Rock I had a couple days off until the Fishers of Men National Championship on Pickwick Lake in AL.  I was pretty pumped to fish the FOM national but got real sick with the flu the night before official practice, I spent most of the practice period either sleeping in the bottom of the boat or in the hotel room.  I tried my best to practice as long as I could but I couldn’t physically practice for more than 6-7 hours a day.  The flu got so bad that I couldn’t eat or sleep so I spent Easter Sunday in the Emergency room in Muscle Shoals.  I would like to thank my girlfriend for coming out to muscle shoals to help take care of me, it would’ve been tough enough puking on Easter Sunday alone in the Days Inn.  I know it wasn’t exactly the way she wanted to spend Easter but I need to thank her because that kind of support is hard to find. 

Here is a pic from the Emergency Room, not the way I wanted to spend practice



During the tournament we decided to lock through to Wilson Lake and caught some good smallmouths and largemouths on the Picasso Schoolie Rig with Zoom Swimming fluke Jrs, a Megabass jerkbait and an Omega Football Jig.  We ended up weighing 18 pounds a day for 3 days and ended up in 3rd place out of 140 teams.

Here is a pic from our Day 3 catch



From Pickwick I got back to my house around 8 pm grabbed a bite to eat with my girlfriend then was back on the road early in the morning headed to Santee Cooper, SC for practice.  After Santee I knew I needed a little break so decided I would focus more on staying in town and getting a little bit longer practice for the Guntersville Everstart rather than drive from South Carolina to Beaver Lake.  Since my brother decided to get married during the upcoming Champlain event I wouldn’t have a shot at points anyhow.  Back to Santee Cooper, it was a tough event I finished in 49th place just a few ounces out of the money, I had a couple missed bites on the Picasso Shad Walker and the Zoom Horny Toad that would’ve helped but bottom line I just didn’t execute on the bites that I had and wasn’t around enough fish to make up for the missed bites. 

So here I am writing a blog rather than getting ready for the meeting at Beaver Lake, but I am glad I decided to take a break and am actually looking for to the next event on my home lake of Guntersville.  Although there are many ups and downs in this sport, I have truly been blessed to be able to do what I love to do for a living and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Thanks to everyone out there for their support and thanks for reading, Casey.